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Please be aware that this service is not collecting any Personally Identifiable Information (Pii) actively nor is it processing, handling any Pii data. The service doesn’t utilise cookies to store any information instead it utilises a webform posting to a static flat API file to process the output from the collected input fields found on this web page or via an HTTP API POST. Finally, the service is also not currently utilising HTTPS so any entries via the web form or via the GET/POST API calls are publicly visible.

On-Premises StoreFront Branding (Guided)

SuGgEsTeD only employee experience.
1. Background image for the Login Page e.g workspaceco_bg.png

2. Login Logo e.g workspaceco_1.png

3. Logged in Logo e.g workspaceco_0.png

4. Welcome message notifcation prior to logon

5. Top Notifcation Area

6. Bottom Notifcation Area

7. Background Colour

8. Text and Icon Colour

9. Link Colour

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